Welcome to GuideBrook Productions

black lab guide dog 'Brook' in harness sitting on side walk.

My name is Lolly Lijewski and I’m currently working with my fifth Seeing Eye Dog. I recently created GuideBrook Productions to provide information and learning opportunities for guide dog handlers who want to know more about how their guide dogs think, learn and behave.

GuideBrook Productions is named after my Black Labrador Seeing Eye Dog, Brook. Brook is my inspiration to learn more about these processes, and how they affect the human canine bond.

GuideBrook Productions offers a variety of services including:

  • Life transitions: A portion of this web site is dedicated to guide dog handlers facing the retirement or imminent death of their canine partners.
  • Workshops/classes: GBP offers high quality workshops for guide dog handlers, guide dog instructors and classes for the general public.